Gourmet Sandwiches Class


Do you want to learn Easy to Make, Delicious Sandwiches at Home? (With Easily Available Ingredients)

Chef Poonam Bindra is back with Gourmet Sandwiches Class, where you will learn to make 8 Different, Delicious & Amazing Gourmet Sandwiches at Home. (Vegetarian)

What will you learn?
1. Japanese Ton Katsu Sandwich
2. American Style Philly Steak Sandwich
3. Avocado & Burrata Waffle Sandwich
4. Mexican Torta Sandwich
5. Srilankan Ribbon Slaw Sandwich
6. Vietnamese Banh mi Sandwich
7. Classic Club Sandwich
8. Grilled Tikka Salad Sandwich

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Written PDF Notes
3. After-Class Support
4. Access to Poonam Bindra’s Inner Circle


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